Privacy policy
Information we get during the recruitment process
Before the start of a research, Usethics places a web-based questionnaire for those who will participate. The survey page contains the following information: company name, research topic, incentive.

The questionary contains screening questions. There are also some questions on your personal information like age, marital status, etc. You can refuse to give this information by leaving the page at any time.
Confidentiality of the answers and contact information
Usethics values confidentiality and safety of personal data. All employees with access to personal data are trained on confidentiality issues. We work according to common standards for the protection of personal information.

Along with confidentiality of your answers to our questions, we guarantee confidentiality of your personal data (name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.). We do not pass, use jointly or sell them to our clients, marketing research companies or anybody else.

Usethics contacts those who leave their phone number or e-mail only for research purposes and about their participation in a research project. The participants of the research won't receive any advertisements. All data received is used only for statistics and screening. Usethics guarantees that e-mail addresses will not be disclosed or passed to third parties.
Personal data access
If you want to correct or delete your personal data, please send a request to We will change/delete your personal information within 30 days upon receiving your request. In case your request is impossible to fulfill you will receive a message describing the reasons for the rejection.
Contact us
Please send your questions and comments on our work to We will carefully consider your query and respond as soon as possible. We will conduct everything feasible to prevent the issues from re-occurring.
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