Our business
We specialise in user interface design and usability research. Focus on just a two areas greatly improves our competence and skills.
We have been an independent firm since the foundation in 2001. We keep growing by about 10% per year and receive stable profit.
Our clients
Our area of expertise is rather wide:
Left to right: Finances and banks (38%), Retail (19%), Mobile and VAS (14%), Enterprise systems (9%), general web (9%), Music and movies (4%), Travel (2%), General search (2%), Maps and navigation (2%), Cars (2%), Medicine (2%), Games (1%), Real estate (1%). Data from 2014.
Companies of different sizes may be found among our clients – from startups to major banks and government agencies.

Our office is located in the very heart of Moscow, just a short walk from the Kremlin.

We have 25 full-time employees. Majority of them have been working with us for three years or longer. We are able to quickly gather temporary staff in case of need.

We have two labs and a focus group room on site. We perform usability tests on multitude of devices:
  • Desktop/laptop
  • iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and other smartphones and tablets
  • Smart TV
  • Public access terminals and ATMs.
We have a eye tracking system from Mangold for tests on computers and notebooks.

There is a comfortable observation room in our office where you can watch the testing sessions. It is also possible to observe the sessions remotely from your office.
International experience
Our company is a member of UXFellows, an international community of usability and research companies. We share usability research methods and practices, work together on cross-culture and international projects in user experience research field.

Our business is not limited to Russia market. 10-20% of our annual profit is made on projects from abroad. We utilize best practices from all over the world in our projects. It helps us to keep up to date and be aware of modern trends.
Side projects
Yearly we invest a part of our revenue into non-profit projects. These project usually aim for research on human behaviour or development of the industry:
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